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The Kracken Truck Horns Kit

The Kracken Truck Horns Kit
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The Kracken Truck Horns Kit

Hot Rods Deluxe

These train horns are designed for durability, easy fit, and extreme sound. The ABS trumpets with extra-wide bells produce a bone rattling locomotive blast that can be felt as well as heard. This kit includes a 50% duty cycle compressor that delivers the 150 psi pressure you need to get maximum output from your horns with only a minimum of space. Perfect for frame rail mounting in almost any car! Includes 3 gallon tank. Quick refill a time, only 25 seconds to recharge. The compressor is sealed and moisture/dust resistant which means mounting on the underside of a vehicle is no problem. The system also includes a remote intake filter and check valve to prolong the life of the compressor. High output minimizes the time it take to recharge the tank. Included with the package is an installation kit hooking up the compressor and a push button switch for activating the horn.

Professional installation recommended.

Beautiful chrome 16" triple train horn that will KRACK your ear drums! We have great train horns for trucks and cars. Click and listen to how this train horn sounds now! Buy your air horn from the car & truck air horn experts.

The Hot Rods Deluxe The Kracken Truck Horns Kit train horn is one of the best air horns on the market. The Kracken Truck Horns Kit produces incredible sound at an affordable price.

The Kracken Truck Horns Kit Hot Rods Deluxe Train Horn Air Horn