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Sonic Boom Truck Horn 630P

Sonic Boom Truck Horn 630P
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Sonic Boom Truck Horn 630P


Kleinn Air Horn Kit - Model 630P
The flat rack design and detachable chrome trumpets (17.5", 15.5", 11.5") allow for numerous great installation options. The 630 includes an upgraded Vorrtex 7 high performance valve with an oversized 16mm orifice. Oh, and its REALLY loud too... a train horn blast that will leave you wishing you brought an extra pair of underpants. The kit includes a 150 psi, 100% duty compressor and a 2.5 gallon tank that can power your train horns as well as other accessories like air bags and small air tools. The compressor is sealed and moisture/dust resistant which allows the compressor to be mounted on the underside of a vehicle. Extra features like a remote intake filter and check valve help prolong the life of the compressor. Also included is a quick-connect tire inflation kit with a 30' coil hose, tire chuck, and storage case. . Included with the package is an installation kit hooking up the compressor and a push button switch for activating the horn.

Professional Installation is Recommended.

Kleinn Air Horn Kit - Model 630P Includes
  • Part Number: 630 - Chrome plated copper triple train horn w/ detachable trumpets

  • Part Number: 6350 - Continuous duty oil-less 150 PSI air system with 2.5 gallon tank and tire inflation kit. Moisture and dust resistant. Complete with pressure switch and tank fittings.

  • Part Number: 6850 - Compressor Installation Kit

  • Part Number: 318 - "The Detonator" flush mount momentary switch

  • Highlight:

    2.5 gallon air tank for bigger and longer sonic boom blasts! Flat-rack design for 40% less space. Click to hear how this train horn sounds now!

    • 17.5" & 15.5" & 11.5" All Chrome Triple Horn
    • 154.4 dBa Sound Output
    • Trumpets seperable for easy mounting
    • 2.5 Gallon Air Tank For Bigger/Longer Blasts
    • 150 PSI Compressor

    The Kleinn Sonic Boom Truck Horn 630P train horn is one of the best air horns on the market. Sonic Boom Truck Horn 630P produces incredible sound at an affordable price.

    Sonic Boom Truck Horn 630P Kleinn Train Horn Air Horn