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What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

Train horns typically are set to certain frequency for the distinguishable sound. Train frequency, the pitch in which the train horns are sounded are strictly of personal preferences. However the classic train horns are assured to be tuned to certain … Continue reading

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Top 5 Things You Do To Your Car You Didn’t Know Were Harmful

Want your car to last a long time? Stop doing the following… Ever wonder how you can keep your car in tip top condition as long as possible? There are surprisingly many things you can do (or not do in … Continue reading

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Simple Ways To Check If Your Tires Need To Be Replaced

Ever had a flat tire you needed to fix? It is estimated that 400 fatal accidents occur due to improper tire maintenance. Here are some simple tests you can perform yourself to assure that the tires you currently have will … Continue reading

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Where to Install Train Horns on Your Car or Truck

One of the important things to consider with train horns kit is its placement. While you can certainly place them anywhere hypothetically, here are several things to consider in order for you to get the best performance out of the … Continue reading

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Car Novelty Items – Trains Horns

Hanging stuff from your Tow Hook is one thing, Train Horns is another! Novelty Mods Tired of driving a ride that just kinds of blends in with the rest of the vehicles at car shows? We’ve got few suggestions if … Continue reading

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Safety First! Wear ear protection when you are testing your train horns.

Train horns can make an absurdly incessant noise, and while it is definitely fun to use them in certain occasions, proper precautions should always be applied with these devices so that you can enjoy them without harming yours or anyone … Continue reading

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Electric Train Horns for Beginners

Electric train horn is easy to install and not as costly. Electric train horns often get flack for not being “authentic” or not sounding “authentic”. While for the purists an electric train horn may be something to be avoided, the … Continue reading

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El Diablo,’s Most Popular Train Horn Kit

Ready to experience the power of real train horns? So you’ve had your fun with our chrome hawk electric horn and you’re ready to move on to the next level. El Diablo by Hot Rods Deluxe is our best selling … Continue reading

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