Big Bang Train Air Horns: the Baddest of Train Horns Kits

authentic and loud big bang train air horns are the best.

Big Bang Train Air Horns: The Best Train Horn Kit Available

If “good enough” is unacceptable for you and you’re looking for the ultimate in authenticity in your train horns, we recommend the Big Bang Train Air Horns. As the name indicates, this train horn kit produces the most powerful sound available on the market.

The train horn kit features Nathan AirChime K5LA which has long been the traditional air horns used by locomotives. In addition the kit also boasts a 5 gallon tank for the lengthy and sustained rumble that allows you to have fun for hours. When combined with the ViAir 400C Compressor, the exuberant force of sound wave can literally shatter glass!

Durable, loud, and always fun, the Big Bang Train Air Horns were designed for those who just has to have it all; the authentic frequency, loud rumble, and long sustained tone combine to make this air horn kit unbeatable. All necessary components are included for hassle free installation and allows you to enjoy the train horns immediately.

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