Train Horn Components Basics

train horn kit

From right to left, a train horn, an air tank, and an air compressor

Here are some simple explanations of the three basic components train horn kits come with and why they are essential to getting that mighty rumbling sound:


Obviously, the horns are the ultimately what produces the sound. Depending on its size and material from which they are made of, the timbre and tone of the sound produced will differ. Though tonal preference are strictly subjective, the distinct train sounds that we often familiarize ourselves with are produced by Nathan Airchime Model K.

Air Compressor:

The air compressor are the device that determines the volume level of your train horn. The more air the compressor is able to condense, the louder the horn will sound. The measurements of air compression is indicated as PSI (pound per square inch) and higher the PSI, louder your horn will sound. The air pressure will also determine how quickly your air tank will fill up.

Air Tank:

Air tank for train horns store the air compressed by the air compressor. The size of these train horn air tanks determine the overall length at which the horns will sound. The bigger the size of the air tank, longer you are able to sustain the train horns.

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