What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

train horns for trains

Train horns typically are set to certain frequency for the distinguishable sound.

Train frequency, the pitch in which the train horns are sounded are strictly of personal preferences. However the classic train horns are assured to be tuned to certain frequency so as to have a distinguishing sound. To the untrained ears, the approximate frequency very well may represent or alert them to the “train horn sound”, but to the purists train horns set to frequency other than 277-494 hz are simply cheap imitations.

Such frequencies are not hard to set but are often the signature sounds of train horn brands such as Nathan. While many other factors such as the material from which the horns are made of and compressor pressure may affect the volume and the slight timbre of the train horn blasts, the tonal qualities of train horn is majorly impacted by the frequency from which the train horn is set to.

So when you are looking to purchase your train horn kit, add the frequency to another set of factors you want to consider. If you need more references in considering the sound of the train horns, you can refer to our sound samples located on each of our train horn kit pages to get a better idea.  Happy blasting!

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