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Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Train Horns



Q. Are the train horns we carry as loud as the samples?
A. Yes. In fact, each clip on the site is an actual recording of an installed train horn. Our clips are real and these horns are so loud that they can ruin your hearing if you happen to be too close to them when they blow.

Q. How loud are your horns compared to your competitors, and why?
A. Our train horns are bigger and louder than the competition because of what goes into making a train horn for our kits. We fit our horns with larger air valves that are approximately 3/8" as opposed to the competition's valves that come in at around ΒΌ" or smaller. The trumpets on these horns have an opening of 7.5" whereas the other retailers sell horns that have trumpets closer to 6". These factors combine to give our horns a decibel rating of 144-153+.

Which Kit to Choose?

Q. What should I get if I want the loudest kit out there?
A. The loudest and highest quality kit we carry is the Big Bang Kit. This kit is guaranteed to make your vehicle's horn the loudest in your town, or possibly your state.

Q. What kit is right for me if I'm on a budget but still want a loud horn?
A. For those on a budget, we recommend getting the Black Hawk kit. It comes with a smaller compressor and tank than kits like the Shockwave or the Super Chief, but you will save some cash. The Black Hawk kit is still incredibly loud and can still be heard many miles away.

Q. Is everything that I need to install the kit included?
A. Yes. Every train horn kit that we sell comes with all of the fittings/tubes/wires that you need to get that huge sound you want. All kits can be installed in a few hours.

Q. There are other kits out there that are similar to yours, but they cost more/less. What's the deal?
A. If you check the specifications on the kits, you will find that ours are the best kits on the market per dollar. The competitors' kits come with smaller air tanks, worse compressors, cheap tubing and, crucially, smaller horns that are not as loud. Call us at 612-294-7112 and we will give you all the details about our horns and why they are the only ones to have.

Q. I don't understand air compressors and air tanks. What's the difference between all the kits in this regard?
A. Each successive kit comes with a better air tank, compressor and train horn. The larger the air tank, the more that can be stored. This means that you can blast your horn longer than any other vehicle on the road. The better the air compressor, the faster the air tank can be refilled. A higher quality air compressor will be more durable under heavy loads. This means that your kit will last much longer than anything you will find from the competition.

Size and Installation

Q. Where do I install the kit?
A. The trunk of your car/SUV or under the bed of your pickup is the most common place that our customers install these kits. You just have to drill holes in the mounting brackets for the air tank, compressor and horn. Another common alternative is to mount the compressor and air tank in the cabin of the vehicle, either in the back seat or behind the driver's seat, and then mount the horn underneath the car. You can also mount the horns in the engine compartment if you have at least 8 inches between the radiator and the front bumper.

Q. Can I install it myself?
A. You can install these kits fairly easily if you have basic hand tools and some knowledge of electrical components. While the option of saving some money by installing the kit yourself is attractive, we do recommend that our customers have the kits professionally installed. The installation normally takes a couple of hours and that includes mounting all of the pieces and connecting the fittings. You can read our installation guide for a basic walkthrough and all of the kits we sell come with complete instructions.

Q. How big are the kits?
A. Generally, our horns are about 18" X 12" while compressors are around 9" X 4" X 7" and the air tanks are 6" X 3" X 7" for the Black Hawk Kit. For the larger kits like the Shockwave and the Big Bang, the air tank will be about 20" X 9" X10".